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3 different accomodations to choose from that all offer multiple exercise breaks per day

Comfort Room

4x6 room including raised bed (smaller breed dogs)

1 dog nightly...$28/night
7-28 days...$24/night

Deluxe Room

4x8 room including raised bed (dogs 40lbs+)

1 dog nightly...$28/night
7-28 days...$24/night

Executive Room

6x10 Suite including specially made beds, tv, webcam & doggie daycare

1 dog nightly...$45/night
7-28 days...$39/night

* Charges are by night. This means you may drop off your pet anytime the first day and pick up by 2pm the next day for a 1 night charge.

* Half night charge applies for check outs after 2pm each day.

* There is an additional $15 fee to check in or out on a holiday AND before or after regular business hours.

* Please ask about multiple pet discounts

* Credit Card on file will be charged every 7 days on stays longer than one week.

* A credit card number is required for all boarding reservations. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to drop off date to avoid a $25 charge.

* Local checks only.

* Lobby is closed on ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS.

We appreciate all boarding check ins and check outs to be here by 4pm Monday - Friday


Beautiful condos offer room to roam

Cat Condos

1 cat nightly...$18/night
7-28 Days...$16/night
>28 Days...$12/day

Daycare-Reservations required to ensure your dog will play!

Imagine coming home after a long day of work to a dog that’s ready to relax and adore you, resting quietly by your side.

Daily Rate


Half Day Rate


Half Day while Boarding


Full Day while Boarding


PrePaid packages for Daycare

Full day 8+ days.........$20/day
1/2 day 8+ days...$15/day

Daycare packages expire 60 days from date of purchase.

To Our Valued Daycare Guests

All dogs must have a good and social demeanor to participate in daycare. Any signs of aggression will require prompt removal from the daycare. All dogs are required to wear a collar, no harness or choke/training collars are allowed. All pets will be free of parasites and have required vaccinations complete. Dogs of different sizes may play together due to age, play style and demeanor.

For the safety of all dogs and our staff members, we are asking that all dogs attending a daycare session are here by the scheduled start time.  If your dog will attend the morning session, please be here before or by 9am and if your pet will attend the afternoon session, please be here before or by 1:30pm.

It can be difficult to incorporate a dog after a group has already been established.  We do try to incorporate dogs at different times, but it is dependent on the group size and the personalities of dogs.  If we are unable to incorporate your dog, he or she may be put in the daycare rest area for the rest of the session.

A full day of daycare Monday-Friday inlcudes drop-off before 9am and pickup after 4pm. The lobby closes at 5:30pm.

A half day of daycare Monday-Friday includes either: drop-off before 9am and pickup 12pm-1:30pm OR drop-off between 12pm and 1:30pm and pickup after 4pm. The lobby closes at 5:30pm.

Saturday daycare is half day. Saturday includes drop-off between 11am and 12pm and pickup after 2:30pm. The lobby closes at 4pm. You may drop off earlier than 11am but will be charged for a full day of daycare.

Sunday daycare is only available for guests that drop off at 8:00am and over night guests. Reservations are required.

Dogs may, without warning, bite or cause injury to people and other dogs. There are certain risks associated with daycare including dog fights, dog bites and transmission of disease. A signed Pet Care Agreement is required before participating.


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