Doggie Day Care

Seven dogs sitting and standing by each other.

Do you have a bored pooch sitting at home alone, while you are away at work? Drop them off at The Paw! We will keep them busy and feeling special in doggie daycare.

Allowing your dog to socialize with other dogs is one of the greatest gifts you can give your pet. They love romping and playing with other furry friends. It is a great way for them to get the exercise and stimulation that they need while you are away at work or doing errands. It’s good for both their physical and mental health so they will be better able to relax with you at the end of their busy day.

Our play yard includes 40,000 square feet of artificial turf and 5,400 square feet of indoor play yards, high traction rubber floors to ensure safety, and 100% staff-supervised playtime. You can observe your dog on our website by viewing our web cams, and we post pictures of them on Facebook regularly.

Be sure to watch us on our webcams! 

What makes daycare at The Paw unique

Our off-leash playgroups are focused on fun and the well-being of your dog. We are committed to understanding group dog behavior and educating our staff on safe and humane management techniques. Our staff members all complete an intensive group-play training course, developed by Fetch Find and PackPro.

We carefully separate dogs based on size and temperament. You will not find a large dog in a play group with a small dog. We try to keep playgroups as safe as possible. For more information regarding why The Paw keeps small and large dogs apart please click here 

three dogs playing with orange tennis ball.

Our Rates

Daycare is available Monday through Saturday for our Daycare-only clients, and Monday through Sunday for our Boarding clients. Our packages are good for an entire year from the date of purchase.


Add Ons


  • Treats (varies)

  • Peace of Mind :


  • Cuddle and Storytime :


  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party :


  • Brain Games :


  • Puppy Postcard :


  • Swimming

Rest is important

Break periods are critical to maintaining stress-free, calm dogs in playgroups, so The Paw provides rest periods during the day. The average dog requires 17 hours of rest. Rest and relaxation are important for the management of biological and emotional states, as it allows the body to recover from releases of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. The levels of these hormones can become abnormal if the dog is denied sufficient time to rest and recover. Dogs suffering from rest deprivation are more likely to overreact and behave impulsively. 

Our goal is not to exhaust your dog, but to teach him or her that it is okay to socialize with buddies and periodically take breaks. It teaches dogs impulse control and also helps puppies/dogs build better strength in waiting for potty time; rather than allowing them to go whenever and wherever they choose. The Paw has kennels that allow dogs to feel safe in their "den" away from other dogs to rest and regenerate.  

Two dogs running with one holding an apple.

Make a Reservation

Reservations are required for daycare to ensure that we are adequately staffed for our furry friends!