Swimming Pool

Dog Swimming

Pool Time at The Paw!

If you want your dog to love the water, this is your ticket!

Your dog's accomplishment of becoming comfortable in the water will help become a more confident dog.

Our 18’x 50’ indoor pool is maintained at a comfortable 80°F. The depth is graduated from 10 inches to 4½ feet deep, which makes it both comfortable for novice swimmers and loads of fun for our advanced canine swimmers. We have life jackets available in a variety of sizes. Your dog will never want to get out of the pool! 

Dogs who swim love it; and good swimmers are so much fun to watch!

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Dog Swimming Pool Services

Swim Times:

● Open Swim (45 Minutes, Mon-Sat) - $20+tax per dog - for social dogs only, owner supervised, multiple people can book this time slot.

● Private Swim (45 Minutes, Mon-Sat) - $60+tax for up to 5 dogs, $15+tax for each additional dog – owner supervised.

● Surf N Turf (Sunday 1:00pm - 3:30pm)- $20+tax per dog – for social dogs only, owner supervised. Owners are able to use the pool, indoor play area, and one of our astroturf yards. We do not take reservations for Surf N Turf, anyone is welcome! Owners must have a profile, agreement signed and provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella).

Owner bath:

● $10 when booking to just to come in and bathe your dog – This is booked as an “Open Swim” - Other owners/dogs are allowed to come in during this time slot. Shampoo not provided by The Paw.

● $30 Private owner bath - If you prefer to bathe your dog while ensuring no one else comes in the pool room while you are in there. Shampoo not provided by The Paw.

Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

What a phenomenal way to improve your dog’s mental and physical health!

● Swimming provides exercise that is easy on joints

● Improves muscle strength and tone

● Promotes cardiovascular health

● Improves their metabolic rate

● Great for healthy weight loss

● Is a great outlet for your dog’s extra energy

● Great for their mental health

Swimming is an exercise they can do their entire lives. Varied activities help to keep your dog alert, focused, and happy.

What to bring

● Proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations on file before checking in. We recommend a fecal parasite exam.

● Your dog's favorite pool toy

● Pool clothes (optional) - your dog's introduction to the pool will be much more successful if you, as their human, lead by example.

What to Expect

● If your dog doesn't have a lot of experience, come prepared to get in the water with them. He will be much more comfortable with his favorite human by his side.  

● Swimming takes a lot of energy. Don't be surprised if your dog is ready for a long nap after their swim. They'll be tired from their full-body exercise. Be sure to have fresh water available to them as they may be thirsty.   

● Be sure to give your dog a potty stop before you enter the pool room, and be sure to take potty breaks periodically.

Call 507-625-7070 to reserve your swim time!

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Sunday 1:00pm - 3:30pm Surf-n-Turf only

With your pets' safety as our top priority, we are updating our pool policies to ensure all pups have a fun and supervised experience.


● Proof of current Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccinations 

● To avoid breaking nails on the pool mats, we recommend that the dog's nails be trimmed

Special Considerations

If your dog is Brachycephalic (short-muzzled), or a short legged breed, here are some links regarding these breeds and water:  

These 12 Dogs are the Worst Swimers

10 Dog Breeds that Can’t Swim

Can Your Dog Swim? Why Some Dog Breeds Can’t Swim

We want to keep everyone safe around water, and we always have a supply of life jackets available. Surf-n-Turf may not be the best environment for some pups; Instead, they may prefer a Private or Open Swim with fewer dogs around.

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About our Pool

With your pets' safety as our top priority, we are updating our pool policies to ensure all pups have a fun and supervised experience.  Surf and Turf Swim on Sundays are also available.


● Every from Sunday 1:00pm to 3:30pm

● Bring your dog and enjoy the pool and indoor/outdoor play areas.

● Registration and proof of vaccinations is required. 

Self-Serve Dog Bathing Station

● $10/dog with swimming

● *Shampoo/Conditioner not included 

Dog wearing life jacket while swimming

Pool Parties

Dog Birthday Party, Litter Reunion, or other Special Occasion?

Our pool can be rented privately for $50 per half-hour. Parties renting for at least 90 minutes are provided with a 6' banquet table (upon request). Set up and take down times should be factored into pool rental.

Call 507-625-7070 to reserve your pool party!

Pug Puppy Sitting On Bed